Pro-Design HIRO AIR Légzsákos Beülő Nagyítsd

Pro-Design HIRO AIR Légzsákos Beülő


Kényelmes, könnyű, légzsákos beülő!

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HIRO PRO and HIRO AIR are the successors of the well liked MITO harness series with improved details, additional features and overworked design.

The HIRO AIR is a convenient comfort harness made from fine materials with perfect workmanship. By the use of selected fabrics and a well thought design, the harness is optimized with a lightest possible weight construction.

  • Easy launch and running without difficulty
  • Easy sit back after take off
  • Highest comfort in flight
  • rescue container: tube container lateral/underneath
  • small foam wedge under seat
  • air protector / airbag

A low main attachment on the HIRO PRO resulting in effective weight shifting whilst a bit higher hang points ending in more stability and sufficient weight shifting on the HIRO AIR. With easy adjusting of all straps the HIRO AIR comes with an additional new feature – an adjustment of the seat angle for more efficiency and better seat position when leaning fully back during XC flight

material: 100% PA Ripstop and DuPont Cordura
buckles: AustriAlpin Cobra
carabiner: AustriAlpin Powerfly steel
weight: 3,6kg (w.o. carabiners)
LTF certified (by EAPR)
max.load: 120 kg
sizes: S, M, L, XL
distance between carabiners (cm):
width of seat (cm): 39/39/39/42
rec. body height (cm):
155-170 (S) / 165-180 (M)
175-190 (L) / 185-195 (XL)