Kortel Kanibal Race II verseny beülő


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1 520€

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Legkisebb méret súlya7,2
Legnagyobb méret súlya7,8



The famous Kanibal Race is back in a new version ! 
Seat in a full race harness, with its unique back support and special features specially developped for demanding competition and cross country pilots. 
The double rescue container fullfils the new FAI competition regulation.
The new aerodynamic rear fearing has been developped for an optimized tolerance to airflow variation and a better yawl stability.

 Features :

  • Full race harness
  • Winch pulies
  • Variable seat plate angle
  • Double rescue container
  • Ballast container under the seat plate. (8L max.)
  • Set up of the height of the attachment point
  • Rigid internal structure for a better back support
  • Ballast container under the seat plate and emptying opening in the pod
  • Carbon tube for a better leg support
  • Anti-G pocket accessible from both side with centered attachment point
  • Auto-closing system of the Kocon with anti-fall system integrated
  • Removable Kockpit with external battery storage and a size adapted to tablet
  • 3 step speed bar
  • Variable stabilization system
  • Foam back protector
  • Pin-Lock carabineers


  • 3 sizes : S until 167cm, M from 167cm to 183 cm and L until 194cm.

 Harness Weight

  • Weight (full) : S 7.2kg / M 7.5kg / L 7.8kg


  • EN and LTF certified.


  • Drag chute
  • Water Ballast