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Flytec Element SPEED - GPS variométer


Alap GPS-es műszer

Bővebb leírás




A készülék GPS alapú adatokat szolgáltat, de nem rögzíti azokat!

You are just starting out as a pilot, or enjoy leisurely local flights. To fly safely and relaxed, you want to understand what the air around you is doing – in all directions. This is why, besides climb and altitude, you’re also interested in your horizontal movements and their influencing factors: Speed over ground, glide ratio and wind.

Then the Element Speed is the right vario for you.


  • Altimeter and Climb/Sink indication in the unique Flytec quality
  • Speed over ground and current glide ratio
  • Wind direction and wind speed
  • Distance and direction to launch, and to the last thermal
  • Vario profiles


Robust, shockproof ABS housing, matte black with green or red sides
Keyboard with clearly detectable, glove-friendly keys
High-contrast black-and-white screen

Dimensions: 138 x 74 x 23 mm
Weight: 178 g (including Batteries)

Power supply: 2x AA-Batteries (Alkaline or NiMH accumulators)
Battery life time: about 35 h
Operating temperature: -10°C bis 50°C

Languages: English, German, French Italian, Spanish


Units: m / ft
QNH: air pressure indication in hPa or in Hg

Range: 0 to 12'300 m - Resultion 1 m or 1 ft

ALT 1: Absolute altitude
ALT 2: Choice of absolute or relative altitude
ALT 3: Altitude difference or altitude above ground (in preparation)


Units: m/s / fpm

Graphic indication m/s: ±10 m/s - Resolution 0.2 m/s
Graphic indication fpm: ±20 ft/min x 100 - Resolution 0.4 ft/min x 100

Numeric indication m/s: ±300 m/s - Resolution 0.1 m/s
Numeric indication fpm: ±300 ft/min x 100 - Resolution 0.1 ft/min x 100

Integrator: selectable from 1 s to 30 s


Volume: 4 levels
Five predefined, individually adjustable vario profiles: weak / regular / strong thermals, ridge soaring, balloon

Climb tone with selectable lower threshold, frequency and cadence modulation
Near-thermal tone with selectable lower threshold and volume adjustment
Sink tone with selectable upper threshold and volume adjustment
Stall alarm (with optional airspeed sensor)

Adjustments: Base frequency, modulation


GPS-Receiver with 48 channels
Position determination at 1 Hz


Units for distance: km / miles
Units for speed: km/h / kts / mph

Speed over ground
Current glide ratio (L/D)
Wind: direction (graphic, absolute), speed
Last thermal (direction graphic and numeric, distance)
Launch (direction graphic and numeric, distance)

Airspeed measurement (with optional sensor)

Indication of speed relative to surrounding air

Units: km/h / kts / mph
Range: 0 km/h to 120 km/h - Resolution 1 km/h / 1 kt / 1 mph
Calibration: ±50%

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