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Pro-Design PLUS ONE Tandem Siklóernyő Nagyítsd

Pro-Design PLUS ONE Tandem Siklóernyő





Vetített oldalviszony3.98
Kiterített oldalviszony5.2
Minimális sebesség24
Maximális sebesség41
Legkisebb méret súlya5.8
Legnagyobb méret súlya7.3


Plus One the new tandem paraglider from PRO-DESIGN takes tandem flying to the next level. With it’s innovative design, performance and safety.

The Plus One has a super easy launch, and remains stable over the pilot even in difficult conditions. The pilot can easily control the pitch and roll of the glider due to the precise handling.

In flight the Plus One has sweet handling, turning efficiently in thermals, taking you to the top. The Plus One has good glide throughout the entire speed range with a high top speed. The stability provides a comfortable ride for you and your plus one (passenger). The Plus One has a high energy retention, which allows for a gentle flare on landing.


  • Reduced weight using high-quality high-tech fabric
  • Aspect ratio of 5.2 for maximum passive safety
  • Reinforced leading edge with Nylon rods
  • Double 3D shaping of leading edge for optimal shape and increased efficiency
  • Internal diagonal structures for optimized load distribution and weight saving
  • Leading edge openings positioned for optimum pressurization and penetration
  • TETS braking system for improved handling in carving style turns
  • Big Ear Cleat system with easy activation and release of big ears