Pro-Design JALPA2 távrepülő, verseny siklóernyő


JALPA2 az új teljesítményernyő

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ahead of the others!

The JALPA 2 is the consistent development of the most liked JALPA, which was described in various test reports and from enthusiastic JALPA owners as “nearly perfect”. PRO-DESIGN could succeed to make the good even better. As a prospective JALPA 2 pilot you will be delighted as in a next step you will get what you expect.

In spite of the high trim speed, the remarkable low sink rate, the wide speed range and the excellent glide the glider is amazing easy in handling for a glider in its range. Best launch characteristics, simple controllability in extraordinary situations and perfect to turn in the thermal.

The aesthetic outline, the cool design and the outstanding overall characteristics make the JALPA 2 to be ahead of the others.


  • 3-liner conception
  • Flex-Sticks in the profile nose section
  • small packing
  • light weight
  • amazing easy launch characteristic for a glider in such a class
  • high trim speed
  • wide speed range by an efficient Speed-System
  • low sink rate combined with remarkable glide ratio
  • perfect turn in thermal with optimum climb
  • dynamically light handling
  • simple controllability in extraordinary situations
  • aesthetic outline and cool design
  • best workmanship with the use of highest quality materials
  • EN C/LTF 2 certification